Friday, 27 March 2015

Sunny Love

All remnants of any sort of chilliness is gone from the wind. It is officially spring. But, you can feel the buzz of summer right beneath the windowsills. Soon the temperatures will start soaring sky high and we will all end up complaining mercilessly about the sun. All I can do right now, is dream of another city, of a certain warmth that spreads from within and tingles the toes. Why? Because every single day life changes forever, never to return to what it was yesterday. And I feel like I need to rush ahead with it. But, I am someone who is always a pace behind.

Yellow Cardigan - c/o Vero Moda
Backpack - c/o Romwe
Lennon Sunglasses - c/o Firmoo
Anchor Print Palazzo Pants - B.K. Market
Platform Sandals - Street Shop

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mosaic Art by Vandeepp Kalra

A couple of posts ago I said I will feature a couple of female artists on this blog as March celebrated as Women's History Month. I am sure you loved learning about designer and entrepreneur Shivani Patel and I am happy to let you know her crowd-funding venture is going well. If you haven't contributed yet then go to my previous post *here* to read up about her eco-friendly range of fabulous designer bags.

I would like to introduce you to the work of mosaic artist Vandeepp Kalra. She delved into the world of mosaic art as a hobby which soon turned into an obsession and then into a full fledged career. Each piece is a beautiful work of art that you have to see with your own eyes. It takes hard work, immense patience and a great amount of passion to create the kind of work that she does. If you think it's too late to find your true calling in life then know that you are not the only one and it isn't too late to start. Vandeepp did her B.A. in Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, while her P.G. degree was in Business Administration. Her education has helped her in developing a sensibility of handling her business with grace and creativity. She is a self taught artist to top all of that.
She sources her materials from United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy as well as India. Life inspires her mosaic artwork. The way she captures light and movement in her work is commendable. Each work takes one or two months to complete, the process is so labour intensive. She specialises in hand crafting mosaic portraits that flawlessly capture all kinds of silhouettes. Her studio offers product customisations to cater to client's specific needs.
Vandeepp Kalra is poised to shape a mosaic industry in India, which is still not fully exposed to the medium, through her innovative products and excellence in quality. As the only mosaic studio from India, it aims to educate and create awareness about mosaic as an art form and would like to be synonymous with similar artists that are present around the world.

And here is my favourite mosaic art from Vandeepp Kalra's exhibition that I personally got to gawk at the previous day. This Predator poster can become a collector's item for a movie buff.

image c/o Anupriya DG

You can drop in at her studio, located at Wood Street any time and bring home some of her finest pieces or order something one-of-a-kind that can be customised especially for you.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My DressIn Wish List

I love a website that offers a range of items that has a little something for everyone. Dressin offers something for the graphic tee lovers as well as the floral lovers. They offer some lovely dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear and even lingerie at pretty inexpensive prices. And on top of that, they have a super sale going on right now. I recently received a package from them and I can assure you of speedy delivery (ordered with DHL) and decent quality products. Here are some items I really love from their collection. Check out to see if you love something for yourself here. I am sure you will find a great slogan tee or a fabulous party top from here.

style wishlist
1. Sequin Stripe Top 2. Chiffon Gown 3. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress 4. Slogan Pullover Top 5. Floral 2 Piece Dress 6. Floral Skull Top

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Arture - A Corky Take On Things

March has been declared Women's History Awareness Month. And to keep in theme I have planned on highlighting a couple of artists who are the best in their respective fields. They are women, they are entrepreneurs and they are unique thinkers. Without further ado let me introduce to you our 1st artist- accessory designer, Shivani Patel who is about to launch an entire collection of wallets and handbags for both men and women that are made out of CORK fabrics!

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired you to become a designer?
~ I was born and brought up in Chennai. Ever since I was a kid, I loved arts and crafts. Also, my father was in the export industry. He was the CEO of a company that dealt with leather goods. In my summer vacations, I used to go with him to the factory and make small bags and pouches for myself out of waste scraps of leather. I even used to make clothes for my Barbies. That’s when my interest began. 

2. Why did you go into accessory designing?

~ I have always been crazy about footwear and accessories. Right from the time I was a kid dancing around in my mom’s heels, waiting for the day I would get a pair of my own. And as I mentioned earlier, I used to go to the factory a lot. I became very passionate about footwear, handbags and wallets. That’s how my interest developed and I ended up choosing the Accessory Design course when I was accepted into NIFT.

3. As a woman entrepreneur how has your experience been running your own company so far? 

~ It’s been great. I’ve had no difference in my experience due to being a woman. I think it’s important to be confident in yourself. My parents have never treated me any different just because I’m a girl. They always made me believe that I can be anything I want to be, and that’s the attitude I carry with me. It’s easy for people to push you around if you doubt yourself. I do not see myself as inferior, and that gives me the confidence to deal with the world. 

4. Why Arture? Why go into eco-friendly designing now? 

~ Arture – the name means art+nature. I wanted to create products that are natural and inspired by nature. I also believe that every product is a piece of art. I want Arture to be the canvas of nature. Contemporary, yet taking you back to your roots.
I always felt the lack of products that are eco-friendly yet fashionable and luxurious. A lot of brands do use non-leather materials but these products are usually made of synthetics which are bad for the environment. That isn’t a viable solution. It was these thoughts that led to the formation of Arture, and when I stumbled upon cork and learned about all it’s properties I knew that was the perfect way for Arture to come to life.

5. Tell us about your crowd funding campaign. (Why you are crowd funding rather than say get a loan or investors the traditional way. And tell us how we can help.)

~ My crowdfunding campaign goes live on the 10th of March. The purpose of the campaign is to help me launch Arture in the market. The funds I get will help me purchase all the materials I require, produce my first batch of products and ship them out to all my backers. All the products from my collection are available as perks. People who back me are sure to get whatever products they like from the collections.
I love the transparency of crowdfunding and I love how involved backers get with the project. From a brand’s perspective, we get market validation and we get the direct feedback from the people who are going to be using our products. We get the ability to form a community around our brand. From the consumer’s perspective, they get the chance to back something they truly love and believe in, and they get to be a part of it.
The link is now live - *click to contribute*. You can follow Arture on Facebook or Twitter and we can’t wait to join hands with you on this journey that we are so incredibly excited about!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Magnum Ice Creams-Royal Experience

this pic and food styling c/o Anupriya DGs
Belgium chocolate covered Magnum ice creams are a favourite of millions across the globe. 1st March onwards Magnum is officially hitting the stores of Calcutta! This will be a really grand summer for Calcuttans. These ice creams are made with at least 35% cocoa, making them rich in flavour. The Truffle flavour is for the dark chocolate lovers. But, you can pick any of their flavours for a rich royal experience. There is a delicious crackle in every bite, there is no fear of it melting all over your hand as the chocolate coating is ever so generous and there is never a risk of sweetness overload since the inner creamy filling is almost like a palate cleanser.
 I was at the launch event where chef Kunal Kapoor hosted a master class. Soha Ali Khan, a self professed Magnum lover since she was a child was there for the launch as well. Many stories were shared about their memories of chocolates and Calcutta. And hence Kunal Kapoor decided to make a dessert with Magnum inspired by Calcutta. He made a Patishapta, which is essentially a crepe that is traditionally filled with kheer, jaggery and coconut. He filled the Magnum Patishapta with crushed chunks of Magnum Classic, berries, nuts and topped it with some sprinkling of khoya kheer, almonds and pistachio. If you follow me on instagram(click to follow if you don't already), you must have seen the delicious dessert in a jar that I was gifted at the event. It was made with Magnum ice cream and once they are officially available at the stores I will try to grab one and recreate the recipe to share it with you guys on the blog.
The 3 flavours of Magnum you can get in stores - Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle

Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor at the photo op
Magnum masterclass
Soha trying her best to help out the chef
Magnum Patishapta
The delicious Magnum filled Patishapta
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