Monday, 22 December 2014


Christmas is almost here. Then the year will end in the blink of an eye! 2015 I ain't ready for you yet!

Chiffon Floral Dress - (click to buy) Romwe

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I Will Hold On Hope

I love the sound of Mumford & Sons. If you haven't heard of them, then please do. Especially check out this song that I linked to. Even the video is just so charming. I have been listening to them for so long. But, only saw this delightful video after someone shared it with me a few days back. It is just the right dose of kooky that I love so much.
The Cave
Coming to the outfit, I should mention this is my first true outfit photoshoot that has been shot outdoors. I was so bored of photographing in my room (even though it serves as a lovely backdrop). Unlike other times I did not feel awkward posing for my photographer in such a public place. Is it age or comfort? I don't know. I am getting old, that much is for sure. I get back pains way too often. Then again my perennial craving for all things chocolate has increased even more. I refuse to believe that is a sign of ageing.  At 5'2" I console myself, saying I am average height. But, one thing I realised after looking at these photos is that I am painfully short. Given how dreamy and bohemian I feel just looking at the outfit, I think the photos go perfectly with that theme.
About the clothes - I love this crochet cardigan to death. I think it is the prettiest and most delicate thing I own. The polka dotted pants are from Romwe. At first they were quite a disappointment, because even though it was mentioned they are harem pants, they looked way more fitted on the website. But, I have come to love it. These are now my stylish pyjamas. I wore these to work this week and felt so effing cool thinking "Yay I am so cool, I wear pyajamas and sneakers to office!"
I had also done a pop art-ish eyeliner look with this which unfortunately was ruined by the time we got around to the shoot. I am planning on doing a tutorial sort of on that look soon.

bye bye birdies

Crochet Cardigan - c/o Sheinside
Polka Harem Pants - Romwe
Turquoise Necklace - Accessorize
Son of Man Ring - Quirky-me etsy store
Mary Jane Wedge Pumps - B.K. Market
Lip Colour - California Orange from Street Wear
Nail Colours - Apple Martini and White(doesn't have any name on the bottle) from Colorbar


Monday, 1 December 2014

How To Survive: December

The year is about to end and the fashion world is in a tizzy, declaring the upcoming trends and already looking back on the best fashion moments of 2014. Let me give you a quick fashion guide on how to survive this December like the fashionable creatures like we are.
The Burberry colour block blanket poncho has been declared the it jacket this fall. But, not everyone can get their hands on a $1395 worth of jacket just to keep warm in style. So, like a good angel I have compiled a list of chic wool ponchos that will help you sail through December feeling like a style goddess. If the very Brit brand's style is not up your alley then take inspiration from Valentino's embroidered boho blanket ponchos that came out on the Paris catwalk last season. And a bit of this and that you need to style up a storm on a daily basis.
Psst - If your Indian mother sees your blanket poncho and starts using it as her shawl don't be very shocked.

Blanket Poncho
Asos ($106), Free People ($168), AX Paris ($53.20), Topshop ($68), Myntra (INR1079), Asos ($135), Forever21 ($32.80).

Team your stylish blanket ponchos with plaid loafers, pointy-toe boots or these to-die-for Stella McCartney platform brogues(look at ebay for cheaper options). Boho is in style for the chilly season as well, so, indulge in a fringed bag. A metallic clutch is must-have for all your parties and a classic bag is essential for all your business looks(this one is the Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise one. Isn't it stunning?). I am digging pom-pom beanies this season and I will be sporting them a lot this month. Invest in an infinity scarf and knee high socks, they are so much fun to style! You can pair these socks with shorts or skirts and flash just a tiny amount of skin while you stay all warm and fuzzy. And you just need a body moisturiser - need I say why? You cannot just moisturise your face, you body needs it too to avoid flaky, dry skin.

how to survive december

I had so much fun researching and writing this post! Hope you found something fun and interesting here to prepare for and survive this December.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Green Trends Salon Review - Forever Blue Hair

I was invited to review the upcoming Durga Puja hairstyle and beauty trends at Green Trends Salon, Salt Lake branch. But, me being me, I got my hair coloured blue and decided to take my time and review it properly after the colour had properly faded and washed off. So, here I am to rave about Green Trends Salon for doing such a great job. I also should mention right away that here I got one of the best pedicures of my life ever. Just go in and ask for Zainab. It would be an understatement to say that I have horrible feet. And she worked magic by scrubbing and massaging all the right spots. I felt truly pampered.
Green Trends is a family chain salon originally from Chennai, but now they have around 200 branches all over India. They have 3 branches in Kolkata - Salt Lake, Golpark and Bangur Avenue.
"Green trends is a contemporary hair & style salon that offers cool looks for a new you– all at practical prices."
We had a chat session with head trainer, Saddique Alam. He suggested colour chunks and curl enhancing treatments as Bong beauties have a natural tendency towards curls. He personally oversaw every step of my colouring method. It was decided that my already honey blonde ombre hair had to be lightened further for the blue to show up. After the single bleach session, they put in the Majirel mix blue colourant in my hair and kept it in for no longer than 10-15 minutes. This ensured the colour did not turn too dark. There were 3 people working at my hair and that was a very funny feeling. The other bloggers opted for red hair highlights, curl enhancing haircuts and treatments, nail art and facial treatments. The end results for everyone was pretty amazing.
Pre-bleach and colour
Waiting for the bleach to lighten my hair further
The Majirel Mix Creme Blue looked like this after being mixed with a 20 vol developer
The process begins. Soon he will be joined by 2 others and Mr. Alam
The awesome pedicure where Anupriya and I got pampered. Pic c/o Poorna Banerjee
Saddique Alam brushing my hair personally before the money shot. Felt like a celeb in a photoshoot. Pic c/o Anupriya Dg
The money shot Pic c/o Anupriya Dg
Wish I had magical powers so that I could change my hair to all sorts of amazing colours like this whenever I wanted. My hair was as blue as my studded Peter Pan collared sheer top from Vero Moda. I washed my hair once or twice(maximum) a week. It took a full month for it to completely go away. It faded to green. After waiting for 1 & 1/2 months I decided to use the soap capping method(details here) to remove the colour completely.
Green Trends already has very reasonable rates for their wide range of services, but if you get a membership card worth Rs.100(valid for 2 years!) you get further discounts. Now, I have given you every reason to try out their services for yourself. Go get pampered!

Monday, 27 October 2014

How Are You Detoxing?

Okay, the festivities are finally over! We have almost 2 months till the Christmas/New Year binge has to begin again. But, for us Indians the period between Durga Puja till Bhai Dooj is the time when we gorge like monsters. Almost on a daily basis there is an array of ghee laden, sugar syrup injected sweet dishes lying around, lunch and dinner includes fish fries, dal, special sabjis, spicy mutton/chicken and pulavs and biryanis! Phew! I am sure half of you are already on a cleanse. I tried after Durga Puja was over with no success. Here are a few ways you can detox for 1-2 days before easing back to your normal daily dose of calorific intake:

honey lemon ginger tea
This is the divine honey-lemon-ginger-tea I had while I was in Gangtok at Baker's Cafe
  1. Start the day with green tea. I usually have green tea at least twice a day, sometimes when I feel sleepy after dinner and have to stay up to work I will knock down another cup. I try to veer away from milk and sugar in tea, and also I have stayed away from coffee for almost a year now.
  2. Go on a 2 day juice/smoothie cleanse. Smoothies are much more filling because they still have the fibre from the fruits in it. I do not like chunky smoothies, I like them well blended. I make a whole batch for a day and keep sipping one glass at a time.If I get hungry towards the evening I usually make a salad with blanched spinach, mushrooms and any other light vegetables I have in the fridge at that point. My favourite smoothie making fruits-bananas, apples, any kind of citrus, grapes, mango. I also add a pinch of cinnamon powder, honey and a squirt of lime juice for flavour.
  3. Have roti and sabji twice a day. I cut out on rice, potato, bread and butter on such days and avoid too much oil in my food. I am a meat lover so I need some protein(otherwise I get midnight bacon cravings). I stick with a small piece or two of chicken. Also there is a bowl of yogurt on my plate. If I get hungry between meals I will usually scramble an egg. This keeps me full and is what you need if you need to work and run around. No one does running around on juice, right? Except crazies.
 So, this is what I do. Some people just swear by lemon juice and honey in warm water every morning. What are your ways of detoxing?