Saturday, 25 April 2015

L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Expert Skin Care Range Review

L'oreal Paris India, sent over their recently launched range of Skin Perfect Skin Care Range (20+, 30+, 40+) almost a month ago. But, as you guys know we were busy redoing the whole blog and every scheduled post got delayed. I just had to get the blog makeover out of my system first. Well good thing is that I got to use the product for almost a month before reviewing it for you. I have been using the 20+ cream and will be reviewing it in a subsequent post.

Loreal Skin Perfect Review

Essentially, each cream in this range is personalised to deal with the specific skin related issues we face at different decades of our lives. Each cream is equipped to give visible results within 4 weeks of use. The superior Vitamin 3x Technology used in this range will help fortify and replenish the vitality of your skin and give you healthy looking skin. Each product comes in 18gm tube form as well as 50gm cream tubs.

Loreal Skin Perfect Review

Age 20+ is a day cream which is accompanied with a cleansing foam. It has perlite which effects the complexion of the skin and makes it lighter, and salicylic acid that helps keep pimples and acne at bay. Priced at - INR99 for 18gm tube, INR325 for 50gm tub, INR105 for cleanser. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Imperfections+Whitening.

Age 30+ is a moisturising cream which is accompanied with a cleansing foam. It contains collagen to combat with fine lines that start appearing in your thirties. Priced at - INR149 for 18gm tube, INR425 for 50gm tub, INR135 for cleanser. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Fine Line+Whitening.

Age 40+ helps with the skin problems caused by ageing. It is packed with Pro-Retinol A which helps combat wrinkles and revitalises the skin. Priced at - INR595 for 50gm tub. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Ageing+Whitening.

My Thoughts
I am really bad at maintaining a skin care routine. I start enthusiastically, but then I stop after a few days. But, I like using creams that gives my skin a non-zombie appearance before leaving the house. So, BB creams and day cream types are right up my alley. My mother has gorgeous skin even post 50, with just minor fine lines here and there. And all the good features my parents have had me convinced when I was a kid, that I must have been adopted. Coming to the product at hand. These pots are simply designed. The tubs are made of glass with simple golden plastic lids. You can always use the tube versions first for trial purposes. I do find the fact that all of these creams are tagged "whitening" as potentially problematic. But, then again plenty of products in the Indian market are tagged the same to cater to the fair skin obsession of Indians. However, the Age 20+ cream has been a good enough day cream so far. It gives a light sheen to my face. And I quite like the slightly floral smell it has. More about that in a detailed review will be coming up shortly.

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  1. It seems amazing!

    The Cutielicious

  2. Sounds really good Debi! I need the last pot! lol

  3. Hahah, totally understand your skin issues, I have major love hate relationship with my skin, come to think of it, with my hair too! I'm curious, do Indians want farer skin?
    I like Loreal, they have some very good products. Can't wait to see the 20 + cream review. I just turned 26 man, not getting any younger :D

    1. Me too Keit.
      Won't say all Indians want fair skin. But some do have a weird fascination with fair skin.
      Even I love Loreal products.