Monday, 8 June 2015

Amydus-Brand Love And A Little About My Relocation

Amydus is a plus-size clothing brand from India, which is catering to the trend savvy curvy fashionistas. They approached me in April and I did a photoshoot with the cool clothes they sent me almost immediately. But, my new job, for which I relocated, got in the way of making the post any  sooner than this. So, essentially I have moved to Delhi for a new job in a lifestyle magazine. Yay for me! I am liking the job, and the new experiences. Some of them have been quite daunting. But, I am managing with the help of friends. 
This daisy print tunic is something I fell in love with the moment I saw it on their awesome website. And when I got it in the mail, I knew I had to wear it with my tear-drop tights as a short dress, with pop-art eyes! I love the mesh sleeves of this tunic. You can dress it up as a jacket over a simple tee and denims to give that simple outfit a twist. The first time I wore it over a black tee and slouchy pants, and the look was a hit. And, as a 90s alt child, I have a weird fascination for daisy prints. Don't know for sure if tumblr has anything to do with the new found love for daisies though. This tunic made me a very happy girl!
You guys must check out Amydus for their awesome collection of plussize clothing. You can find bottom-wear here up to a size 50". Their top-wear sizes run up to 7 XL. And best thing is, these are not sack like things to cover you up. I personally love their prints and their range of formal shirts as well.

Enjoy a creepy close-up of my face, to see my pop-art eye look. Wanna know how did it? 

Daisy Print Tunic - c/o Amydus (click to buy)
Tear-drop Tights - Romwe
Wedge Boots - B.K Market (Calcutta)
Belt - B.K Market (Calcutta)

It hasn't even been a month since I relocated to Delhi from Calcutta, and I have shifted twice already, due to the bad situations I faced in the places I was staying at. It has been almost a month since I even slept properly. I felt like blogging finally, because I am well-rested and well-fed today. Things have been difficult with the housing situation. I sincerely hope and pray things settle down soon enough. Blogging makes me happy. I have come across very helpful people because of my blog. And, I will continue blogging as long as I have hair on my head that I can turn pink occasionally.

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  1. THERE'S A PLUS SIZE INDIAN BRAND?!!!! I might cry!! omg, this is so awesome!!

  2. You toned down the relocation part a little too much. It has been daunting with a capital 'D'! Also, I love your eyes! So fun! Do it for me sometime, pretty please? And, sending you tight hugs. I really hope you'd get third time lucky.

  3. Congratulations on your new job Debi! Change brings on new experiences and opportunities :) The dress looks lovely on you.

  4. Moving to a new place is challenging. I'm very happy you are finally settling in and back to blogging! ^_^
    The tear tights are super rad and go so well with the tunic! I love daisies ^_^ I can imagine how awesome it would look as an outerwear!
    Amydus sound just awesome!
    Looking forward to seeing all your amazing posts! ^_^

  5. Love your dress! All the best for your job and living in a new city!
    Living in Delhi is definitely a lot to take in after the Kolkata lifestyle! :D

  6. Replies
    1. A part of me wants to. But what would I do there?

  7. I love your style :) what r u doing in Delhi?!

    1. working at a lifestyle e-zine as their subeditor