Thursday, 10 May 2012

Orange Lips Love

Tangerine is supposed to be the colour of this season. Honestly I am also into yellow as the Spring/Summer colour. But I have most definitely fallen for orange lip colour for quite some time. These are the shades that are quintessentially the colours of S/S. I have been trying to find the right shade for me. From a bright neon pop to a pale almost peachy shade, every shade of orange looks so amazing to me. I love wearing black and other darker shades, most of my outfits are in monotones. So, I love nail colours and lip colours which act as the accent. I love bold shades as well as neutrals. But, the bold ones are more fun!

backstage beauty
AA neon nails and lips
Juliett K
this outfit!
stripes and orange lips
get some inspiration from the runway- Jason Wu RTW 2012


  1. I love these photos Debi and the inspiration is amazing! I did purchase a tangerine lipstick for Spring, it's by Sephora the colour is It girl. In photos, I think it actually looks more like a tomato red but since I have yellow undertones, I can't wear super orange shades.

  2. tangerine is indeed so hot this season and the best part is there are so many choices available to incorporate it accessories to garments!!

    love all the various ways you have suggested :)

  3. Replies
    1. it's on the milder/nude side..i gotcha..

  4. What lovely photos!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know so I can follow you back :)) xx

  5. MACmorange looks like a nice pop on the lips! A good substitute of the hot chilli red. :)

  6. I'll have corals any season! (though perhaps not on my lips)

    Something's up again with my Bloglovin' feed -- it shows I'm following when I search for you, but your posts don't show up on the feed. Any idea what's going on? -- J xxx

    1. Not to worry, your post finally showed up on the feed though a day late. Maybe it is working, just delayed! - J xx

  7. the third photo is my fav, i use orange instead of red, i think it's more subtle than red:))

    1. that's juliett k..she has rad can check her out..i have given a link underneath the pic.

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  9. I love orange!! So cool!!!


  10. I love the tangerine color in clothes only. I tried the tangerine lipstick but it's not for me!! LOL

    Loving the photos Debi very inspirational.

    <3 Marina

  11. I love the orange lipstick! It's so pretty!

  12. i wish i could wear a real(!) orange color on my lips!
    MAC Morange is so pretty.;)
    i am lulling myself by wearing corals instead, though.
    love the amazing contrast of navy blue and orange in the first pic!

    1. i know right..same with me...and that picture is stunning!

  13. Love love love neon lipsticks!!!!

    Great post!




  14. Love the orange color, bit for some reason, I can never pull off an orange lipstick! Loving the trend though! Thanks for a beautiful post! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  15. Orange is such a hot lip colour! It makes us drool! Love how beautifully it ompliments the Indian skin tone! Just bought our 1st orange lipstick some days back :D

  16. Informative & inspiring post! Really deserves to be part of Links a la Mode.

    Best, Jenny

  17. Love this shade for lipstick, girls need to be more daring and wear colours like this! Congrats on making Links a la Mode!

    Daniel x

  18. Orange lipstick is so big right now! I love that you did a post on it!...I'm still trying to warm up to it myself, but on certain skintones it looks absolutely stunning!
    p.s. congrats on links a la mode!
    xoxo Mollie

  19. I love this lip colour! But I can never wear it for myself as it wouldn't go well with my tan skin colour! Damn!

  20. Great post, loving the pictures.