Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dream Girls - Dress Like The World Is A Better Place

Do you want to wear crop tops, stripes, polkas, peplums, hot pants, no pants, maxi skirts, sack bags and safety-pin shorts but fear you don't have that perfect apple, orange, pineapple, apricot and spinach figure to go with it? (Given the way things are going all those "body types" would be real very soon. As I type this someone out there may very well be getting paid to device body types out of more fruits and vegetables and furniture.) Fear not, because (unlike mainstream publications) I am here to give you a well researched (as in I typed in a few honky tonk words in Google and went shopping myself) view of what the style conscious plus sized woman can wear and where she can shop from. That's after all a big part of my fatshion blog. The fact that a size 12 reporter (venting at a news article in our local daily) has a hard time finding clothes which fit her well, when a size 22 with less resources looks cool in awesome clothes says something about this article in the paper. It is rather disheartening when women say they are too fat to be stylish. Personally, I have never had store helpers be rude to me for being too big, even though I did get handed a pair of pregnancy trousers in a store once. I just laughed so hard that they were embarrassed and laughed along with me. Instead of crying about, "oh it is so hard to find something for my size!" (which doctors say is a common complaint amongst women of sizes 0 to infinity) go out and list the few stores from where you do find things you love and soon there will be a list of places where everyone can shop from and hence - solution. Find a solution, do not cry about it. It's almost as if there is this whole conspiracy out there by mainstream media. They just want us to be fairer, thinner, taller and blonder.
Let's now talk about the lovely ladies I  have featured in this post today. Some of them work in the industry. Some of them have been featured/work with, you know, small odd names (*ahem sarcasm*) like Vogue, Cleo, Marie Claire, Refinery 29.
One thing they have in common - they don't dress for their bodies according to the fashion rules (and the fashion Gods have blessed them for their courage and spunk), they wear what they like and look damn good. They are changing the way fat women see themselves. They are changing the way the fashion industry wants to dress the fat women. They are from all over the world inspiring this girl sitting in a strange city dreaming of the world. A better world.

franceta johnson, gabi fresh
shorts, sheer, floaty awesomeness, crop top, midi skirt
fat aus, fashion hayley
gothic wintry rich shades or funky colours all over
sticky sweet danish
above the knee dresses - sporty or sophisticated, with or without leggings to show off those legs!
nadia aboulhosn
bondage top with blazer or fishtail dress with sheer panels?
cleo magazine
still think you need fashion advice from mainstream junkyards when you can have your own unique style?
pocket rocket fashion
peplums and quirky prints anyone?
the curvy fashionista, nicolette mason, sticky sweet danish
glam enough or do you need more bling?

Friday I wore this outfit to lunch with my sister, not only were people staring tremendously, but the cashier girl smiled and said, “I have a question, Are you suppose to be Selena?” ha! I just laughed and said “No, I just like wearing this.” When the girl asked that, my sister looked at me quickly thinking I was about to spazz on her for questioning me, but honestly…you just can’t explain fashion to some people, so I didn’t even bother. It’s something I do for myself, not for others. With my amount of bluntness, I could have easily see the group of guys in that corner all wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater? Nobody is paying attention to them except horny teenage girls, but I have everyone looking at me whether they’re thinking positive or negative. I’m getting a reaction out of people, others who dress mediocre with lack of self confidence aren’t.
Nadia Aboulhosn, model and blogger, Not Short Of My Identity.

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  1. i like this post :) my fave would be nadyas style

  2. really beautiful, inspirational and well written post

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  4. complimenti! davvero originali!!!!

    Video outfit YOUTUBE

  5. Debi, this post was awesome! You showed some awesome ladies that don't give a rats ass what people think. Everyone should wear what makes them feel good. Have you heard of Girl With Curves? She's a blogger that has really great style. Ok, for some reason I don't see your picture. Hmmm. I know you looked fabulous! Sometimes it's best not to even waste your breath trying to explain. As you said, they just don't get it. Hope you're having an amazing weekend.

    1. oh yes i know Girl With Curves. I know a few other plus-sized bloggers but couldn't include all. haha i am not in this, i was showing off my inspirations in this post. and i can't say hey plus-sized people look great in whatever they wear and point to me, that's awkward. i am the self-deprecating kind of girl. :)

  6. Loved the inspirations. My pick is that blue one :)

    Bong's Belleza

  7. Great looks and great bloggers with tons of style.
    Following you on Bloglovin now

  8. Great post. It's very important to get dressed as we feel good! <3

  9. much confidence oozing out of this one post :)
    I guess there is no excuse for any of us to not look our best always :)
    BTW how have u been ?

    1. Life is going on...hope you are doing good:-)

  10. Fashion comes in every size, the ones who associate style with size zero are so in denial!! May be for runway it will continue to be like this but mainstream bloggers are changing the mindset, one stylish outfit at a time!
    Great post as always! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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    1. Thanks for your logical words. Makes me feel hopeful about the mindset of people. :-)

  11. I'm pretty much bothered about bidy types too (I am a plus size). I use them sometimes as a reference, I think you need to know them in order to have properly fitting clothes, for example I know my waist is larger than average, but my bottom isn't so I prefer elasticated waisted pants on me, etc., but it should not be a way to limit your choices or freedom of expression!

    1. i read and shared this article on twitter about body positivity and how it can totally exist with figure flattery.
      I am not against figure flattery, i am actually very much for it. what i am against is people thinking a certain type of body would look ugly in certain styles. if the size and shape of the clothes fit then a person can whatever the eff they want you know. i believe people should wear what they love without the fear of being ridiculed by those who subscribe to mainstream ideas of beauty and fashion. and i am here to prove them wrong by showing people of all sizes rocking whatever they want.

  12. i can't think of one woman that at one point or another didn't feel self conscious. too tall, too short, too thin too big. When is it ever just right? Great examples of women with the most important feeling to have, confidence:)
    found you through IFB as both of our links were featured this week.

  13. Look at them work the cropped top. I feel so stupid about being conscious!

    1. i know right -_- ?
      whenever i feel like or someone suggests i can't wear something i just breathe and go visit their blogs and feel good and encouraged and inspired.

  14. We Love Fashion and We see you do to..Interesting info..keep it coming!!

    -Peace,Love ,and Sparkle