Monday, 9 February 2015

The Ultimate Make-Up Tip For The Non-Enthusiasts

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about make-up. I personally believe it is up to a particular girl or guy if they want to put on minimal or tonnes of make-up on their faces at any given time of any particular day. Yes, I said guys. Teach yourself about gender roles and patriarchy before you think there is something inherently wrong or funny about guys wearing make-up. Your favourite macho hero from that blockbuster film does it all the time, and no he doesn't do it only for the screen. Human beings have been known to paint their faces to express certain emotions for centuries, so it is not a modern social construct. Anyway I digress, email me for a lengthier chat about such issues if you wish and we shall talk.
So, the ultimate tip from me might seem like something a non-enthusiast would never imagine doing. But, hear me out. Own a few make-up brushes. Not more than, but could be less than 5. This is definitely not for those who hate make-up and do not ever wear it ever. This is for those who like to wear it, maybe occasionally or everyday, but do not consider themselves a pro or a junkie. When you do put on make-up you would like not to look like Joker. But, who am I kidding? Even for that you would need a brush. Knowing how to swipe a make-up brush across your face would change the way you do make-up forever. I do not believe in owning a lot of products unless you are a make-up artist who needs to work on different kind of skin tones and such. I love using each product in more than 1 way so that I can keep my kit fuss free and as downsized as possible.

do make-up like pros
  1. Concealer Brush - This is the one investment you will never regret. You will get hours worthy flawless coverage if you use a brush to apply your concealer rather than using your fingers. I do the tapping with the fingers thing to apply my concealer on most days. But, when you use your fingers the skin secretes natural oils and make the concealer thinner in consistency and you do not get a long lasting coverage. 
  2. Stippling Brush - These type of brushes are made with bristles that consist 2 types of fibres. They are excellent for applying liquid foundations. You will get a perfect airbrushed look if you use this instead of using a make-up sponge. You just need to take a tiny bit of the product and then apply using this brush in tiny circular motions till everything is blended in perfectly.
  3. Flat/Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush -  If you want the perfectly blended eye shadow look then you have to use a brush. You cannot rely on those things that are included in the eye shadow packages, at the most you can use those for applying highlighting shadow underneath the brows and at the inner eye corners.
  4. Smudge Brush - Answer honestly-how many times have you dabbed eye shadow on and said, "Oops, too much,"? After you have blended the eye shadow with a fluffy brush you can remove excess shadow with the smudge brush. These are perfect for creating a smokey eye effect as well. I even used mine the other day to apply a deeply pigmented blush to create a blended and soft eye shadow look the other day because I had no pink eye shadows. I have 2 types of black shadow though. Does that surprise anyone?
  5. Blush Brush - These are smaller than the bigger brushes used to apply loose powder. I use mine for both the purposes of applying blush and loose powder. I do have a big ass powder applicator brush but it feels just too big for my face. This one is just the right size to apply loose powder and lock in the make-up after I am done with everything.
Let me know if you have any opinions or queries in the comments below. I am no pro. But, I believe in the power of expression through make-up.


  1. The way u do ur make phenomenal.
    need to learn s much frm u.


  2. Confession Alert!
    I skipped reading as soon as you started describing the brushes. :-P
    But despite seeing most of these pictures quite a few times, I still can't get over how cute the first picture is and how artsy the last one. Mwah.

  3. I suck at makeup, I really wish I didn't, but then I have to work on it and watch some youtube tutorials, and I'm just too lazy for that! :D I do love lipsticks though, lots and lots of them, and they're easy to use :D Wow, I didn't even know there were so may brushes, I have one for putting rouge and one for eye shadows.

    1. See those 2 are the most important brushes. I love lipsticks too!