Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fringed Kimono

This is the kimono I got from Dressin. I wrote about them *here*. I have fancied owning a kimono cardigan for a while. Kimonos tend to make me look bulkier. But, I decided it's high time I just got one. 
There are a lot of rules for dressing up a woman's body. The rules are more restrictive for fat bodies. The clothing, according to mainstream fashion dictats, should not be too revealing and neither should it be too misshapen/oversized. One runs the risk of exposing fat rolls with revealing clothes, and god forbid anyone sees those. The horror that would unleash, right? *yawns with sarcasm* And clothing that makes you look bulkier is also a complete no-no. Because, God forbid if we look fatter than what we already are!
So, I gave up my inhibitions and wore the kimono in all it's glory. It was too damn hot that day so I had to keep my outfit simple. But, nothing really beats the blue jeans and white tee combo. I got these round sunglasses for just a 100 INR. Well it was a gift. I am on my way to owning a collection that will soon consist of nothing but round sunglasses. 

The thing is, the grunge loving bohemian heart of mine loves unironed, oversized clothing. There is a lot of appeal in asymmetric and deconstructed clothing. These design details can make even the simplest of clothes highly interesting. Probably why I am such a fan of Yohji Yamamoto's designs.

Photos c/o - Anupriya DG

Fringe Kimono Cape - c/o Dressin
And this is the pullover I got, but the size being a bit too small I gave it away to a sister of mine - Paris Eiffel Tower Pullover

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  1. Well, I'm delighted that you let go of your misgivings and wore the kimono, it looks fantastic. x

  2. Shundori meye! I love everything fringe. Hence the obsession with making those earrings!

  3. i love your white top too! where did you pick it up from?

    1. Got a bunch of basic tees from Brand Factory. Bare Denim brand. :D

  4. looking pretty :) ..
    I am glad you let go and wore the cape..

  5. U r rocking the look!! 👍 and loved the tinted glasses.!! From new market??

  6. Lovey look, it's so cool!
    new post

  7. Loving you in kimono, you look dashing and I'd go on a murderous spree for those glasses, they're pink omg! Want!!!!
    Also, great new bloggy name, would love to see more posts from you ^_^

  8. Replies
    1. Yes! Mulled over the changed for a long while and finally did it

  9. I love the fringes on it Debi. Very pretty.

  10. This is fabulous, body acceptance (including skin colour) is something we Indians are mostly clueless about. More power to you. Did I mention that you look gorgeous and ravishing .