Somethings About Me

~My name is Debiparna Chakraborty but sometimes I go by Debi. It's easier to remember and pronounce I guess for pretty much every human I have come across so far. I am pursuing my master's degree in Film Studies and also looking for some part time/freelance jobs. I do freelance writing sometimes. I pretend like this blog is a resume builder for me, mostly it's personal inspiration, photographs I have taken and think are awesome and weird poses in outfits created from a very limited wardrobe. I also love my red ombre hair and styling flair. I understand the power of social media and I have an account pretty much on every site of any social importance.

~I love fashion, cinema, writing, food, reading and randomly rad or funny things. I blog about my personal style, fashion and general lifestyle. I love things which visually stimulate and inspire me. I promote positive body image whenever I can. Take risks and have fun no matter what body size, skin colour or gender you are. Be brave, be bold, blow a raspberry to all who doubt ye.

~I love this blog and I share things I like. If you have similar likes/loves/dislikes then don't hesitate to write to me in whichever way is convenient to you! Check my sidebar to find me around the web. I shall always answer, not to mention I would love to hear from you!

Camera I Use 

I had a Sony Cyber Shot DSC W310. But as of June 2012 I have a Nikon D5100. I edit the photos with Photoshop CS5. All the pictures are taken by me unless otherwise mentioned. I always give credit to the sources when I use pictures from the web and I want you to extend the same courtesy to me. Let me know and/or link back to my blog if you use anything from this blog.

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You can shoot me an email here - debiparna_chakraborty@yahoo.com